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The Good Sower Flowers The World!

There are seeds that fall on the sideways and byways, the seeds that fall on the rocky grounds and thorny bushes, and then there are seeds that fall on good soil. We have been taught many times that how our hearts are prepared to receive the Good News of God will determine the quality of the soil. Yes. True. But there is more to the story than just being the good soil. That’s how did Jesus become the good sower?

Jesus says, there is good news everywhere if we are open to hearing, seeing, and feeling them. Good News is not simply those that we hear, it is also what we see and feel. Many times that happens from people we love, but then there are times we hear the good news from those whom we may not care about much. That kind of listening requires us to fine-tune our inner listening. God speaks through the good and the bad moments and life situations.

Good news should be heard and shared regardless of the listener’s capacity to receive it.  In the case of Jesus, Good news fell on the good and the bad.  He indiscriminately threw his compassion and care, his unconditional acceptance of the sinner and the saint, his forgiveness of the thief and the prostitute, and the welcome of the tax collector and the fisherman to himself; were all throwing out the seeds vast and wide. Therefore, do not worry about where the seeds fall, but worry only about if you can be an indiscriminate sower like Jesus. Do good all around, and some will surely sprout and fruit, and others may be lost. But what sprouts will produce a lot more than what will be destroyed.